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How This Mom Dealt With Her Son Swearing Will Surprise You.

How This Mom Dealt With Her Son Swearing Will Surprise You.

The swearing controversy never ends.

People have very different opinions when the topic of swearing comes on. Should it be socially accepted or not?

Adults swear a lot, and we’re slowly getting used to that.

But, should children be allowed to swear?

Every time my 4-year-old niece is around, my family warns me to be very careful with my language. Why? Because I once stubbed my toe and yelled “Shit!” and my niece ran around the entire house copying it. I had to follow her everywhere trying to get her to be quiet and forget the word, but she never did.

That is what children do. They copy and learn whatever you do.

And that’s exactly what happened with Constance Hall, a mother and blogger. The only difference is, she doesn’t stop her child.

She noticed that her son, Arlo, had been swearing recently, and she claimed she had no problem with it.

“Does it bother me?” she wrote. “Not much, meanness would bother me more.” 

Her logic is that her son will learn this stuff anyway. So it’s better if she doesn’t teach him impossible things like “Don’t curse.” She wants him to know that generally, swearing is okay, but swearing at someone is wrong.

“But what we can do is teach them how to recognise qualities that we respect. Point out, ‘how kind was Charley lending you his drink bottle?’ And ‘did you see how Sam helped out that younger kid?’ ‘I love the way Sophia is always making funny jokes.’

So while it’s important to say ‘don’t swear it’s not cool’ it’s equally important to teach your kids to strive to find friends with similar moral codes to your family.

That way when they do ignore you and run off with their mates, they are in good hands, maybe cheeky ones, maybe sweary ones, but good ones none the less.

Because our house hold might be a sweary one, but it’s a bloody kind one and it’s full to the brim with love.” 

You can read her full post here:


So basically, what she is saying is that it’s okay to drop a few F-bombs here and there as long as they aren’t directed towards someone. Be kind to people, don’t call them by bad names or abuse them.

Generally swearing is okay. Just don’t be a jerk to anyone.

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