Mom Shares Cost of Son’s Surgery To Highlight Potential Price of Trump-care

Health-care can be very expensive.

We all agree on that, right? Even if you’re healthy, it can cost a lot. However, when you mix health-care and Trump together. Things get a little tricky. You see if Trump-care passes, it’s not going to be very helpful.

One mother easily went ahead and proved. The following pictures show how she can’t afford to be sick in these times. I almost passed out of sheer shock until the last three lines.

Ali Chandra’s Twitter biography describes her son as “medically complex” with “heterotaxy.” 

She was even kind enough to do some math for us.

Then came a barrage of tweets explain her son’s medical history and their problems.

She then clearly explained what the  AHCA bill could mean for her family.

“If they’re suddenly redefined in a way that isn’t comprehensive anymore, then any benefits left out or any changes made would affect the protections of annual lifetime limits.”  Sarah Lueck, the senior policy analyst on issues of health care reform for the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities explained.

Her family is not the only one that’s going to suffer from this.

But her voice does bring the issue to a very much needed light.

Her voice did not fell on deaf ears either.

“I’m honestly just overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for our brave boy. Heterotaxy is a rare syndrome, and it’s easy to feel alone along this journey, so seeing so many people rallying around us is incredibly encouraging.” Ali explained.

Ali is also a certified nurse, so she is fully aware of what this bill could mean for the health-care system. It would be the worst for family like hers and other who are not well-off. And by well-off i mean people who don’t earn at least $200,000 a year.

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