This Mom Got Criticized Over Her Son’s Zombie Cake Photo Shoot But The Story Behind It Will Break Your Heart

The internet can be a cruel place.

People often end up saying things that are hurtful to others with or without even realizing it. Little Phoenix’s first birthday was a zombie-themed party. Naturally, like every other mother, to capture the moment Amy Louise took pictures of her son while he smiled dressed up as a zombie. The Australian mom certainly did not expect the response she got for the photographs. Nonetheless, she received a massive wave of criticism for throwing her son a zombie themed birthday party. The internet labeled it as “disgusting,” “morbid” and “offensive.” Nonetheless, the criticism from haters persuaded her to share the story behind it. And it will break your heart into pieces!


At first, Amy was removed from the public forum. “I knew it would happen but the extent of it really shocked me,” she told Daily Mail. “I got told I was a bad mother, that I was going to damage his mental health, that I would make him sick eating that cake off the dirt.”



However, these people were unaware of the fact that Phoenix came into this world without a heartbeat.

“From the time the doctors told me my placenta had detached and there was no heartbeat, to the time they cut him out was such a whirlwind of emotion,” she said. “I remember feeling terrified but still hopeful. Even though they had said “get her down to theatre right now the baby has no heartbeat” I thought, this kind of stuff happens all the time. But when they took him out, and there was no cry, my heart just sank. It wasn’t a sad feeling; it was anger.”

Amy and her fiance Gary Wilkinson were convinced that their baby son had died. “The doctor squeezed my hand to try and show his emotion but it was a mess. It was awful. I just kept seeing this tiny white coffin flashing through my mind as I started to process what had just happen.”

However, the strangest of miracles happen at the strangest of times. Their son proved to be a fighter, and he was brought back to life on Halloween, October 31st.

“It was the longest and most awful 13 minutes of my life,” Amy said. “When I held him for the first time, the world disappeared.”

“What better than a zombie-themed cake smash for the tiny baby boy who was pronounced dead and then miraculously came to life on Halloween,” she wondered.

Image credits: Amanda Queen Photography

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