Twitter Can’t Get Over How Extra This Mom Is As She Asked Her Daughter To Fake A Bloody Accident To Get Her Out Of Work

This Mother Is One Cool Mom.

Mothers can be embarrassing. A lot of us has stories to prove it. Yes, they always want what’s best for you but they might have trouble figuring it out sometimes. They’ll always be there for you and help you whenever you ask them to. However, sometimes mothers need a little bit of help too.

One daughter knows that all too well. @xhaileysmith aka “Young Gunner” posted her conversation with her mother on twitter. It is both weird and hilarious. But I wouldn’t personally recommend following in her footsteps. It might not end well.


It All Began With A Seemingly Innocent Text.

“Send me a pic of a cute. Do makeup or something or find a pic and say you think you need stitches so I can leave lol” Her Mother asked of her daughter.

Her daughter was a bit hesitant at first but did it anyway.

“Perfect, say something about mowing the grass.” Her daughter was happy to oblige and did exactly as asked.

“Mom I was just moving the grass and a piece of glass shot up and I think I need stitches. I stopped the bleeding but it looks bad.” Her daughter replied very convincingly.

It Certainly Worked.

Her daughter found the situation hilarious so she posted the screen-shots on twitter. Not surprisingly, they went viral.


Twitter Agreed Wholeheartedly.

This Made Someone’s Morning.

They were having trouble holding their laughter.

While Some Were Afraid Of Her Employers Finding Out.



Everyone felt homely with her

Mexican Food Always Helps When You Are Sick.

Can you relate with the mother or even the daughter? Is your mom a bit ‘extra’ sometimes? If so, comment on below! We would love to hear some more hilarious stories.

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