Instagram Model Shares A Crazy Text She Received From A Girl Asking Her To Block Her BF

Tajea Jasmine – Walton is an Instagram model who runs a publication for women of color called GRLY Magazine. Even though she has a fair sized following, it’s relatively small for Instagram.

However, she’s gorgeous, and people love her because she shares amazing pictures!

One fine day, Walton received the weirdest request from a stranger. Here’s the screenshot of the request:


So apparently the request was from a woman who claimed that her boyfriend took screenshots of her pictures and put them up as his screensaver. And he also happens to talk about Walton a lot too. So in this request, the messenger asked Walton to block her boyfriend on Instagram.

Walton was flabbergasted after being blamed for this woman’s dysfunctional relationship with her boyfriend.


This was by far the weirdest message she’d ever gotten; she told Buzzfeed.

“I didn’t respond,” she said. “I honestly just read it and blocked them both. There wasn’t any reason to go back and forth. I have my own boyfriend, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing I could do about him being oddly obsessed with me.”

People on Twitter obviously reacted.


And the comments kept coming.

Everyone pitched in a suggestion of their own.


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