This Woman Bought A Mini Laptop For Her Dog, Becomes An Internet Hero

Sometimes you wish to spoil your pet.

How can you not? They’ve got those big, innocent eyes, that cute little nose, and you force cuddles out of them when they don’t give them willingly. So yes, you love them, and you want to spoil them, but how?

See, one woman figured out there was a way to spoil her dog and make it look like an economically responsible decision.

#1 It’s always those damn puppies.

#2 How can you be mad at that face?

#3 He’s a natural model.

#4 He’s always posing.

#5 Look at him.

#6 And people were so affected, they wanted their own.

#7 And it sold out in hours.

#8 Who’s the real hard worker?

#9 Here’s a glimpse of the future.

#10 We’re all proud of him.

#11 The proper assessory.

#12 We may be divided on a lot, but we agree here.


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