Millennials Are In Shock As They Found Out How Much Money They Should Have Saved For Good Retirement

There’s a lot about these millennials that perplexes the older generations.

Millennials are not afraid to take chances, and they have a completely different attitude. However, the rising cost of living is putting a timely retirement further out of reach. Market volatility is a little bit of a shock for the millennials because this generation is saving and investing for the first time. What most millennials don’t understand is that if they start saving regularly, acquiring a million dollars may be within the realm of possibility. Even though it may seem like a huge number, it is very doable.

And an article written by MarketWatch left Millennials annoyed after it suggested that you should have twice your salary saved by the time you reach 35.

Who are they talking to? It would only make sense if this were advice for the rich.

One of the Millennials even questioned if her mom wrote the article.

The annual increase in tuition fee and other expenses make it all the more unbelievable to be able to save up this much.

It’s actually easier to collect chaos emeralds and infinity gems.

By 16, you should have drafted your first screenplay.

Oh no, my moths!

Millennials don’t do any real work.



And if you’re a freelancer, you’re already at the top of your game.


Perfect financial advice.

It is very doable if salary is grass Pokemon.

Do you think you’ll be able to save up this much money by the age of 32? Let us know in the comments below!

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