These Illustrations Depicts The Life Of Millennials In Most Ridiculous Ways

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 23, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Us Millennials are accused of a lot of things.

We’re killing cable TV, restaurant chains, traditional relationships, don’t care about hygiene, never shave, the list goes on. My point is because of so many different reasons, there’s such an exaggerated view of how millennials live their lives. Because, believe it or not, we millennials are humans just like everyone else. Crazy, right?

Artist Ben Is Right knows how ridiculous the perspective is, and created a series based around this. It’s crazy, ludicrous, and plain hilarious.

Source: Ben Is Right

#1 Unhealthy eating.

#2 Weed, and nudity.

#3 Rampart carelessness.

#4 Drinking too much.

#5 Media problems.

#6 Gossip.

#7 Weed and ball gags.

#8 Kinks.

#9 Education.

#10 This is how the truth looks like.

#11 Post partying mayhem.

#12 Body hair and wrecked sleeping schedule.

#13 Wrapped up in their own business.

#14 Time constraints.

#15 As exaggerated as possible.

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