Hilarious Comics Nailed What Being A Millennial Is Actually Like Vs What People Think & It’s Too Real

It seems as though people of the previous generations are entitled to call those younger than them shallow, selfish and lazy.

It’s what older generation has always done, throughout history. However, the narcissistic and fame obsessed millennials aren’t actually what people think they are. Thanks to computers, they grew up with weaker mental math abilities. But, that doesn’t make the 20-somethings any less smart and exciting. Here are hilarious comics that nailed what being a millennial is actually like vs what people think it’s like.

1. A crisis of unmet expectations.

2. What millennials are most famous for besides narcissism and entitlement.

3. They might look calm but they’re deeply anxious.

4. They’re interacting with people all day but mostly through a screen.

5. Struggling to adapt to this world of abundance.

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