Millennial Destroyed Baby Boomer With Facts Who Said Millennials Just Want Free Things

Baby Boomers and their fascinating theories

Though every individual is completely different and holds different views and beliefs, the era that a person is born in has a lot to do with how that person thinks. Let’s take baby-boomers for instance. You see, at times baby-boomers make such unrealistic and irrational assumptions and/or demands that it’s just hard to comprehend what they’re trying to achieve. Maybe it’s because they compare how things used to work in their time to how they work now? Who knows?

Now, I’m not saying that all of those who were born between 1946 – 1964 are like this, but in accordance with that we have seen so far it appears they have a hard time understanding present-day concepts. Most recently, in a Facebook post, a baby-boomer alluded at millennials who ‘just want free things,’ and gave the most illogical reasoning to justify the theory. That’s when a millennial showed up and completely obliterated the theory with facts.

Check out everything in detail below:

Free education.

That makes so much sense. All we ask for is “affordable education.” Not ‘free.’

If we break it down it makes everything much clearer.

Woah, I don’t think anyone else could’ve ever said it better.

This millennial is speaking for us all. More power to you!

Well, the baby-boomer definitely had it coming! What is your take on the whole situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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