People Were Asked To ‘Millennial A Movie’ On Twitter & It Will Leave You In Stitches

‘Can’t afford a Home Alone.’

A few days ago, @HashtagRoundup asked people to ‘#MillennialAMovie’. Not surprisingly, the answers were genius, hilarious and, honestly, way too real. 

Are you ready to hear some amazing answers that will surely leave you in stitches?


#1 An award right off the bat.

#2 I’d watch that.

#3 What can I even say?

#4 This is way too real…

#5 I guess the play store?

#6 It surely does.

#7 Stuck in traffic, as always.

#8 I relate with this on so many levels.


#9 Story of my life.

#10 Really? I thought I was out.

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