This Hysterical Milk And Vine Parody Will Leave You In Stitches

Have you read the book “Milk and Honey”?

If you have then either you love it, or you’re lying. Pretty much everyone enjoys reading quotes that just fuels you up like high-octane and gives you a renewed and better sense of everything. The book ‘Milk and Honey’ takes you through different life experiences and is most famous for its poems about love and self-empowerment.

Some time ago a very talented guy came up with a brilliant idea and fused the two most amazing things together. He combined the book Milk and Honey with the hilarious quotes from the vine videos(the long lost part of the internet that we desperately want back) and made the book which is now called “Milk and Vine.” Yes, you read that right. Milk and Vine. It contains the vine quotes written in a similar style to the poems from the original book, and everyone just loves it.

So without further delay scroll down and see it for yourself!


Here is a tweet from the Author himself!

1. Using the same style as the original book makes it even better and hilarious.




3. That’s a lot of beans…

4. This one hit me right in the sternum.


5. “Hurricane Tortilla”


6. Why is this so funny?

7. That’s just gay…


8. Who remembers this one?


9. “Freeshavacado.”


10. And of course, the croissant one!

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