Micheal Phelps Didn’t Actually Race A Shark And Twitter Takes A Dig After Feeling Robbed

In case you missed it, Michael Phelps was supposed to race against a shark for Shark Week

The big face-off was to be aired on Discovery on Sunday night. And obviously, the most decorated Olympian of all time vs. the Great White garnered a lot of excitement.


People were beyond eager for the showdown


The hype was real, and they even cleared up their schedules so that they could watch it

Except we all just assumed that they were going to put a shark and Phelps in a giant pool of water together

Which… Kinda seems stupid, to be honest. Can you imagine the possible ways it could go wrong? They couldn’t secure his safety! Why on Earth would they put Phelps in the same water and a bloody Great White?!


But… Despite that, it would have been awesome to see Phelps face down a shark

Putting them in lanes together would have been so dangerous, but that’s what we all expected.


It’s Phelps Vs. Shark (science and CGI only)

Understandably, people were irked

But the fault is our own

Unless, of course, we were tricked

Most importantly, they felt robbed


Jaws in real life

But it was still pretty entertaining

Despite Phelps actually losing in the end

Nevertheless, he’s ready for a rematch

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