Mia Khalifa offers NBA 2K18 Marketing Director that she’ll let him touch Tiddies, His reply was unexpected

Mia just can’t get enough of this one NBA player!

Ever since Mia Khalifa quit the porn industry, she spends her time streaming NBA on twitch. It turns out she’s a huge fan too! Her favorite player being, point guard, John Wall of the Washington Wizards.


Wall recently went on twitter to express his disappointment with his rating in the upcoming NBA 2K game. And Mia had his back the whole time!

After finding out about his rating, Wall tweeted to the marketing director of the game Rookie 2K.

There, they had a small beef after Ronnie replied to his tweet with a “salty” GIF.

From that moment, everything went down!

Mia decided to entice Ronnie Singh on twitter, to try and increase Wall’s overall rating on the upcoming NBA game.

At first, she tweeted to Ronnie if he was awake.

And his reply was much worth the sizzle!

However, things didn’t go exactly as Mia planned for them to.

Mia asked Ronnie to play her in a horse game on poker in exchange for changing Wall’s ratings from 90 to 93. In case you’ve forgotten, Ronnie is the marketing director of NBA 2K.

Unfortunately, her offer got declined. It turns out, a game of horse wasn’t enough for Ronnie to change his decision.

What Mia tweeted after, left everybody awe-struck!

Her tweet shows just how far she’ll go for Wall. We all know what she means by “tiddies”!

It was a very tempting offer indeed. However, Ronnie didn’t seem to back off even a tad bit.

On the other hand, Mia persists!

Will Ronnie eventually change his mind? We will definitely have to wait and see to find out on this one.

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