Menstrual Brownies Are Here And They Are Gonna Be A Blessing For Your Period Pains

Want to get rid of those awful menstrual mood swings?

This might be just what you need.

We’ve all had those days where we wake up feeling like our uterus might burst. You just want to stay in bed all day and watch some romcoms, eat a bunch of chocolates and cry your heart out.

Hormones can get on your nerves!

It seems like the menstrual Gods (or Goddesses) have finally heard our prayers. Moon cycle bakery, situated in Olympia, Washington has a Kickstarter funded project that was evidently created  to offer hormone balancing treats for women to ease their shark week. They’ll be offering a monthly subscription where you’ll get a care package right when you need it.

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It’s official: we have one week left in our Kickstarter campaign and we need your help! Right now, we are 78% funded and are seriously close to hitting our goal of $15k. Having your support to help Moon Cycle Bakery launch would mean the world (and moon) to us. We’ve spent the last 16-months perfecting our recipes, building our team, and developing our mobile app and we're ready to take Moon Cycle Bakery to the next level. This includes continuing our recipe development (with the amazing @rachlmansfield!), renting a commercial kitchen, ordering packaging, finalizing our app and collaborating with industry experts to continue to share knowledge with our community (I'm looking at you, sweets). Your support will ultimately help us to grow our partnerships, expand our product base and create rich content full of education, creativity, and emotion. To learn more and pledge our project, head to the link in the bio. Chocolate ain't got nothing on you.

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This is what they say in their mission for opening up this amazing bakery.


We’re a baked goods delivery service encouraging individuals to celebrate the magic that lives within their cycle. We know this time of the month can be challenging, but we also know this time offers enhanced creativity, a stronger connection to our intuition, and an opportunity to shed layers – both literally and figuratively. And that calls for a celebration.

Once a month, we deliver delicious treats that that not only taste good – but hug your body with carefully selected, hormone-supportive ingredients designed to nourish you from the inside out. We’ve created our own period tracking app so that we have deeper insight into your cycle. Irregular?order our one-time packageEvery 28 days?Pre-order with us so that we can show up on your doorstep before your expected date.

At Moon Cycle Bakery®, we believe the days of resenting our cycle are over. We want your Moon Cycle treat to serve as a quiet reminder for you to celebrate the art of being a woman, rather than wish it away. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to rest, replenish, and recognize the moon dust that lives inside of your bones.


Impressive, right?

As they explain on their website, the name of their bakery has evolved from the word “Menustration” which comes from the Greek word “Menus” meaning both moon and power, and “Men” meaning month.

They also told us a little about the ingredients they use.

Their chocolate cups sweetened with ginger and honey contains magnesium, which is a key nutrient we lose while we menstruate. They also offer gluten free raspberry black bean brownie with primrose full of vitamin c, iron, calcium, magnesium and omega-6, all of which we lose during our period and which helps us maintain that balance we need.

I found the matcha coconut bites the most thoughtful goody as it contains fibre and omega-3 which help us with the sickening cramps and other PMS symptoms.

They offer a lot more then just baked goods. They add a whole new dimension to your cycle.

Moon cycle bakery will begin service on December 15th. Their packages include:

Full moon: Mix and match three treats for $30.

Half moon: Two treats for $23.

Crescent moon: One treat for $15.

So hurry up and visit their website to sign up for the amazing treats if you need to be soothed further! I know I will.

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