Women Share The Men’s Responses To Rejection On Twitter And The Stories Are Distressing

Just accept it and move on.

That’s what I always say to someone who doesn’t know how to take rejection. I mean what’s so complicated about it? Not everyone likes everyone. And we just have to accept that.

Of course, nobody likes to be rejected. But, it doesn’t mean they have the right to be mean and force someone. And yet that is exactly what these guys did. You see, It all started when one woman asked other women to share their traumatic stories.

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It turns out many people don’t respond well when they are rejected.


Hi ladies! RT if you’ve have had a frightening response from a man when you’ve rebuffed, rejected, or otherwise ignored his advances.

If you feel comfortable enough to share your experience in the comments, I want to hear you.


And so people started sharing their experiences.

And they were quite harrowing.

It shouldn’t be like this, and yet so many people use this approach.

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