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Tumblr User Perfectly Explains Why It's Important To Take Care Of Men’s Feelings And Emotions

Tumblr User Perfectly Explains Why It’s Important To Take Care Of Men’s Feelings And Emotions

Men have feelings too.

It’s wrong to think that men don’t feel or they don’t have emotions. They do. They are humans as well. It’s a false notion of the society we live in that men aren’t supposed to express themselves just because they’re men.

People don’t understand that masculinity has nothing to do with human emotions. And it is because of this same reason that men aren’t emotionally open and keep things to themselves and try to be okay with it, and that is harmful to health.

In the light of all these things let’s take a look at how one Tumblr user talked about her boyfriend’s emotional needs and how it started a whole discussion.


Here is what the woman said about her boyfriend.

Men appreciate the effort.

They deserve appreciation.

It’s all about allowing them to open up.

If you are a little romantic, it doesn’t mean you’re any less masculine.

“Your last girlfriend didn’t compliment you enough…”

“I love that he can be vulnerable!”

Little things matter.

Everybody needs emotional reassurance.

We need to stop promoting false notions.

Mental health is everything. Take care of one another.

Humans rely on the connection.


“Does not equal…”

Toxic masculinity.

Emotional connections means a stronger bond.

How is that wrong in any way?

Most likely true but its important either ways.

Think about that.

Not having any emotions can lead to serious behavioural problems.

But showing love and affection fixes the problem.

You see?



It’s time.

Friends can make a difference too.

Pay close attention to this.

Well, it’s time we change.

So, let’s not forget about that.

What is your take on this discussion? Let us know in the comments below.

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