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Woman Got Sick Of Men Spreading Legs In The Subway And Plotted The Best Revenge Scheme - Here's One Amazing Story

Woman Got Sick Of Men Spreading Legs In The Subway And Plotted The Best Revenge Scheme – Here’s One Amazing Story

In the last few years, the word “man” has been subject to all kinds of unimaginative wordplay. The prefix somewhat unnecessarily ascribes to male characteristics. And to say the least, it’s lazy and unimaginative to a great extent. For example, mansplaining, man-flu, manscaping and manbag and now manspreading.

Manspreading is the act of taking up unnecessary space and splaying your legs too wide on public transport. Moreover, the city of Madrid thought of it as such a problem that they decided to ban it altogether on their system of public transportation, “remind transport users to maintain civic responsibility and respect the personal space of everyone on board.”

This woman decided to give the men a taste of their own medicine and decided to fight back their offensive behavior. Teaching them how to respect her personal space. Nonetheless, according to the psychological reasoning given behind the episode of manspreading, she was quickly praised by another woman, for it was basically a sign of oppression and male dominance.

However, men, like always, had a completely different take on the situation. A guy thought of the entire case to be completely “nuts” and that it could have been dealt with much more simply.

Scroll down below to check out the conversation for yourself:

It persuaded this woman to fight back men at the Subway silently.




And people backed her up right away!


But, this guy just had to ruin it for everybody.




And then more people showed up.



Throwing their opinions out there.


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