Mom-Of-Six Tweets Why ”Men Cause 100% Of Unwanted Pregnancies” And It Sparked A Discussion

“Men are responsible for unwanted pregnancies.”

This topic is clearly very debatable. But, an author from Oakland, California has already given this sensitive topic a deep thought and has come up with the possible consequences and their theoretical solutions.

The author is a 44-year old mother of six children, and her name is Gabrielle Stanley Blair. Recently, she has explained via Twitter the sole cause of unwanted pregnancies and the very reason why abortion is a leading problem in the world. In the following thread, she has discussed every possible aspect of this sensitive issue.

“I’ve been working out the thoughts I presented in the article over the last year,” Gabrielle told Bored Panda. “I actually wrote the thread about three months ago, and then hesitated to make it public — Twitter can be a harsh place, and I worried my family would be attacked.” However, the recent Kavanaugh hearings finally made her publish this thread.

Also, being a Mormon, she said that “The Mormon church has guidelines that include abortion as an option for rape, the health of the mother, etc., and those exceptions can’t happen if abortion is illegal.” “My interpretation of the Mormon church’s take is that it is pro-legal abortion. Other church members may interpret things differently.”

Now, considering all that Blair has said, let’s take a look at the thread which has been retweeted thousands of times already.

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Gabrielle Blair

Arguments about abortion

Men 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies

“Man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in one year.”

Birth control.

Side effects

Birth control options for women

“They don’t work instantly.”

The use of condoms.

Condoms are much more convenient.

“Men don’t love condoms.”

Reason? Sex without condoms is much more pleasurable.

Men put women at risk for their temporary pleasure.

An alternate method for men: Pulling out.

But sadly, men don’t like pulling out either.

Pleasurable sex > risk of conceiving

“Getting a woman pregnant is a pleasurable act for men.”

Unwanted pregnancies are because men ejaculate irresponsibly.

Men are solely responsible for the unwanted pregnancies.


“The man may never know he caused an unwanted pregnancy.”

Men would only worry about paying for child-support if they find out.

61% of men don’t even pay for child support.

“Hold men responsible for their actions.”

Unwanted pregnancy.

Are castrations worse than women dying unnecessarily?

Castration law.

Castration might prevent 500,000 murders a year.

Why can’t men see what’s more important?

Here’s another measure to be on the safe side.

Vasectomy law.

Better than pills with side effects.

Vasectomy is reversible.

“Not a wild idea”

Abortion is a cure for pregnancies.

Men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies.

What would make men realise the severity of the situation?

Here are some analogies for better understanding.

A risk is a risk.

Not worth the risk!

Eliminate the risk of causing pain to someone else.

Temporary pleasure < eliminating a life-threating risk. (what men need to understand)

The obvious answer.

Using Condoms and pulling out can save your loved one from the trouble.

Men can fix this situation just by acting more maturely.

In conclusion: Unwanted pregnancies are caused by men.

What is your take on this whole situation guys? Please share your views with us in the comments below!

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