20+ Memes You Will Relate To If You Hate Your Work Place And Co-Workers

Everyone’s Dream Is To Work The Kind Of Job They Love.

However, dreams don’t always come true. No matter how much you wish them to be. Most of us will be able to relate with the following memes. I mean, who hasn’t been in a job that they hated? Where you would simply rather just die than wake up in the morning?

No, I am not joking. Maybe it is because of the work you do, your inconsiderate boss or your very talkative co-workers. I mean, what is worse than working in a place you hate alongside the people you hate?

#1 This Right Here Is The Smile Of A Serial Killer.

#2 But You Do It Anyway Because It Is So Worth It.


#3 Well, That About Sums It Up.

#4 Everyone Goes Through This Dilemma Every Day.

#5 My Money! Get Your Own!

#6 Don’t Think They Will Use It Even If They Had One.

#7 Maybe If You Say It Enough, You Will Start To Believe It Yourself.

#8 Why Did You Have To Open Your Stupid Mouth?

#9 Yeah, I Don’t Know About That.

#10 Yes I Was Just Finishing Up That Report. You Know That Report.

#11 This Was The Best They Were Going To Do.

#12 Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Your Inner Demon Out And Relax.

#13 It’s Not That I’m Not Creative, I Just Feel Sick.

#14 Why Does This Always Happen?

#15 I Think I Will Pass This Time.

#16 I Think You Do.

#17 What Is It To You Anyway?

#18 I Swear It Felt Like Three Hours.

#19 Just Don’t Touch Me. Don’t Even Look AT Me.

#20 I Think It Can Really Help The Employee’s Spirits.

#21 Fake It Till You Make It, Right?

#22 Why Are Work Days So Damn Long?

#23 No, It Is Never Worth It.

#24 Why Do I Come Here For This Torture Every Day?

#25 Don’t You Have A Life Outside Of Work?

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