10+ Memes About Lawyers You’ll Only Find Funny If You’re Not In Jail

Memes about Lawyers.

It’s 2018, and everything is a meme on the internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s some celebrity, politician, artist, or even a non-existing thing because on the internet EVERYTHING is a meme. So, how about today we look at a compilation of not so common memes about lawyers?

Memes on lawyers are easy to make. Because there are just so many funny things about them. So let’s cut to the chase and see these hilarious memes.


Lawyers on Halloween.

First day at Law School.

“Sick of your sh*t.”

Case review.

Lawyer 101.

This is what you call ‘taking one for the client.’

Poor Lawyer.

Here is an accurate representation of millennials.

This guy is a legend.

“Let the law be your wingman.”

And this is how you spot a lawyer.

Oh my.

There is no limit to human creativity.

Woah, I never thought about that.

Dating lawyers.

Always make your point clear.

Advertising 101.

“Exhibit A”

You never know.

What did I just read?

This is how you earn someone’s trust.

The Judge made the right decision.

Who would have known? Damn.

“Hot Miky”

He’s got a point.

The conspiracy theory about lawyers.

This is perfect!

Second thoughts always make things worse.

“Testimony without borders.”

Do you know anyone who would do something like this?

Well, I think that’s enough Lawyer memes for today. Which one of these memes was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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