Melania Trump Went To Help Flood Victims In An Inappropriate Outfit & Twitter Brutally Trolled Her

Good morning, internet.

What stupid thing are we angry about today? The Trumps again? Oooh! I wonder why? Did some journalist finally uncover some solid evidence? Are the impeachment proceedings underway? Did Trump tweet something stupid again?

Evidently not, because today, my dear readers, we have a problem with Melania Trump going to help flood victims from Hurricane Harvey.

Apparently, the way she dresses is more important than what she does.

Because let’s set aside the fact that the First Lady is going to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, making sure that those who suffered from the flood are okay, and let’s comment on the fact that she’s wearing heels.

I know what’s a great idea! Mocking government officials for helping!

You know what else is a great idea? Mocking the accent of someone who speaks six languages!


At least she’s looking snazzy.

They’re all obviously missing the practicality of this.


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