Meet The Real-Life Addams Family That Will Make You Want To Follow Your Dreams

Did the fictional Addams Family fascinate you?

If it did, then we have news for you. We are going to introduce you to an actual family that lives in a weird and creepy way. In fact, the similarities were so much that it earned this family the title of “Real-Life Addams Family.”

In the following, you will read about their everyday lifestyle, their interests, and their obsessions. If you like the gothic culture, then you will surely love and idealize this family.

Rick Schreck, his wife Kate and their three children, Winter, Samara, and Kyle other than living their life to the fullest, serve as a great example and a source of inspiration. Their actions and lifestyle send out a message to everyone that the most important thing in life is to do what makes you feel like yourself.

I will not spoil anything further, just scroll down below and read about the amazing Schreck’s(or the Addams) family.

 Rick Schreck spent his childhood in a MORTUARY?

Photo Credits: Max Merz/ Flickr

Rick as a kid spent a lot of time with his grandfather, who often used to babysit him. Since his grandfather owned a morgue, it was just natural that Rick spent a good amount of time living in an environment that would be scary and horrific for any kid of his age.
Rick also admits that his exposure to the horrific realities of life at an early age contributed a lot to the kind of perception that he has today.

And the family vehicle is none other than a Black Lincoln Hearse.

Photo: Rick Schreck/Facebook

Okay, so now owning a hearse as the family car shouldn’t be surprising right? Well, that’s certainly the case here because this family owns a BLACK Lincoln Hearse and tbh it’s just as creepy as it sounds. But to them, it’s just perfect. Rich himself openly said that it’s the best car they have ever had. They use it for traveling everywhere, may it be a long journey or just a quick trip to the Walmart. Winter and the other children love it too; they say their friends think it’s pretty cool and often ask for rides.

Rick Schreck and The House of a 1000 tattoos.

Photo: Robert Murch/Instagram

With all the creepy things so far you must be wondering what this family does for a living? Well, they aren’t as wealthy as the fictional Gomez and Morticia, but they are doing just fine as Rick is a really good tattoo artist and runs House of 1000 tattoos in Middlesex, New Jersey. You can view is incredible work on the facebook page of House of 1000 tattoos.

“Causal” Zombie dressing on regular holidays.

Photo: Rick Schreck /Facebook

The Schreck family loves the Zombie get up. However, they don’t need a reason like Halloween to dress up as Zombies. They just casually do it on regular holidays. For instance, one time Rick dressed up as a Zombie “Santa Claus” on Christmas. Just look at them in the picture above. Just look at them.(A perfect family, no?)

 Collection of Ouija Boards.

Photo: Rick Schreck/Daily Mail

Everything aside, let’s not forget this family’s obsession with the Ouija Boards. You might have already expected this right? Well, here we have it. The “Addams” have a HUGE collection of over a hundred Ouija Boards. With these many boards they hope to connect with the spirits and if possible even let them roam around freely in their house making it literally a haunted house. But, just imagine if it actually happens tho? That would definitely fill in the missing piece of the puzzle.(Pretty cool in all honesty.) Out of over a hundred board, Rick has a favorite one, the Kennard Board.

Obsession with marionette puppets.

Photo: Rick Schreck/New York Post

Other than the Boards, Rick’s wife Kate has an interest of her own. She likes to collect creepy dolls and marionette puppets. This interest is quite understandable considering all the sequence. And to top it all off, the family also have a mummified goat’s head in their house. (Is it freaking you out? It should.)

A little preparation before the Halloween Celebrations.

Photo: Rick Schreck/Facebook

So far you have already seen that this legendary family does not need a reason to express their scary and dark side, so just imagine what would they be like if there was a proper reason to celebrate by dressing and acting in a spooky way? That’s right. We are talking about Halloween. The ‘Real life Addams Family’ go out of their way to prepare for the 31st of October and as it is evident from the picture above, they make their house look as terrifying as possible.

(The house seems pretty gothic even without all the extra stuff doesn’t it?)

The Real-Life Addams Family.

Photo: Rick Schreck/Facebook

People might have many mixed views about this family some may find them creepy while others may idealize them for living their life in a way that makes them happy, but I’m certain everyone is unanimous on the fact that this family indeed lives like the “Addams Family.” Some kids in the neighborhood find them and their house incredibly creepy, but the Schrecks assure them that there is nothing to worry about and certainly nothing to be afraid of as they are just like everybody else. Kate even said that “Your home is supposed to be a place where you are comfortable, so we surround ourselves with things that make us feel comfortable.” So at the end of the day, the most important thing is doing what makes you feel alive and happy, and everyone should focus on it, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Let’s not forget the Family Game Night.

Photo: Rick Schreck/Facebook

Game nights are a bit different in Schreck’s family. Usually, you would see families playing regular board games, e.g., monopoly, etc. However, that is certainly not this family’s case. They take their board games to the next level as they enjoy summoning spirits and connecting with them instead of buying land and charging rent on monopoly boards. And that’s not all, to give things an even more realistic touch, the whole family drives to the cemetery to enjoy their game.

And finally, apart from everything else, the family also has a great sense of humor.

Photo: Rick Ormortis Schreck/Instagram

This family enjoys a good sense of humor apart from all the creepy things they do. And that is evident from a picture that Rick shared on his Instagram page.The black family hearse is parked in front of an ice cream shop with a caption that reads “Dying for ice cream.”

Now we can see ourselves that other than being gothic this family knows how to have fun too. (Amazing people, tbh.)

So what did you learn from all of this? And more importantly what are your thoughts regarding a family living a life that makes them feel sane and happy? Would you do something daring and strange if it guarantees you peace and happiness?

Drop a comment below and let us know exactly what’s on your mind!

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