10+ Hilarious Illustrations About Deciding One Thing And Then Drastically Changing Your Mind A Second Later

Elvisa Isabella Rose is the artist behind a series of webtoons

In her illustrations, she depicts a very odd trait that we all have. When we promise to do one thing, but end up doing the exact opposite.

“I promise I’ll eat healthy.”
“Hi, yes, I’d like to order two large double bacon cheeseburger supreme. With a diet coke.”

These cute little comic strips will definitely get a rise out of you. They’ll make you smile, laugh, and shake your head in amusement.

You can support the artist at her patreon or her instagram, which currently boasts over 15k followers

#1 Make the most of the day!

#2 Time to clean up the room!

#3 Laugh, cry, laugh again, contemplate that perhaps you’re possessed by a demon

#4 Summertime Sadness

#5 Being sad isn’t always a bad thing

#6 Maximum Introversion

#7 Well, in her defense, they’re adorable.

#8 Pickup lines for days

#9 Definitely deserve that little extra

#10 Proper procedure

#11 When pickup lines don’t work, kidnap them.

#12 Let’s hope it remains a carrot

#13 She might if you had more coffee

#14 When she likes bad boys

#15 Get tasty lipgloss

Evisa Isabella Rose’s Patreon and Instagram

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