Mayor Cuts Down Man’s 30-Year-Old Tree, He Revenges Him In The Best Possible Way

We already covered a series of petty revenge stories before

But this one really takes the cake. Before we delve into the world of what this man did, allow me to first show you a Giant Sequoia tree. These things are absolutely enormous.

Amelia Takacs

In Redondo Beach, California, a man who had spent 30 years grooming and raising his pepper tree, was ordered to take it down. The city council had told him to kill the tree he had been raising and protecting for the better part of three decades. And his vengeance is swift, brutal, and poetic.

These goddamn druids, man.

As you can see, this arborist is extremely passive-aggressive. It gets even better. Giant Sequoia trees are protected by federal law. The council and the mayor are stuck with these giants till the end of time.

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