10+ Powerful #maybeshedoesnthityou Posts That Reminds Us That Abuse Is Abuse, Regardless Of Gender

A while ago, there was a hashtag trending on Twitter.

It was #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou tag that explained and outlined all the emotional abuse women faced at the hands of their male partner. Maybe it will sound familiar to you, someone who is terrible to a friend of yours, and you think they’re abusive, but she says to you “At least he doesn’t hit me.” or something along those lines.

It’s called gaslighting and it is just as bad as physical harm. You can’t protect yourself from it, and it damages your relationships with everyone, and no one believes you. It’s invisible. According to a study by Parity, a shocking 40% of all domestic violence victims are male. What’s worse is that no one takes them seriously.

Male victims of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of their female partners are often neglected and put down. So, a hashtag similar to the aforementioned one began to trend, this time, #MaybeSheDoesntHitYou.

#1 Demonising.


#2 Self worth.

#3 Happiness.

#4 Threats.

#5 Insecure.

#6 Can or can’t have in your life.

#7 Guilt trip.

#8 Turning your friends against you.

#9 Threats to leave.

#10 Leaving you.

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