Marine Was Abused As A Child So He Took A Courageous Revenge On His Molester

If you’ve ever taken the time to hear someone’s sexual assault story, you know how harrowing the experience is.

It makes you feel helpless, alone, inadequate. It makes you feel dirty, because there are people out there doing such awful things to other people, and yet you can’t do anything about it. And even if you could, where do you start?

No sane person thinks sexual assault is okay. No sane person thinks of sexually assaulting someone as a reasonable way of behaving. That’s just not how brains function, so how do you fix it?

The sad reality is that human beings risk this by having free will to choose. They aren’t computers; they can override what they believe and do what they want. Even it means horrible, horrible things.

An Imgur user shared his story of how he was sexually assaulted when he was five years old.

It’s heartbreaking. And eye-opening. As a society, we put an unfair amount of stress on the males to act like they are fine when they’re breaking apart inside. This man was abused, violated, and raped when he was just five years old. This is his story, and it’s harrowing.

Predators aren’t always strangers. Half the time they’re someone you know.

Someone who takes a lot of time grooming you for the abuse.

It escalates slowly, so you don’t feel like it’s wrong until it hits you.

The trauma manifests in the strangest ways.

It was when the doctors told the mother something was wrong.

And for a few years, there was no trouble.

He was starting to escape the trauma.

He was growing out of it.

But then something happened, and the ghost of his abuse returned.

The trauma was buried, but it wasn’t gone. It came back with a fury.

With everything he did to Kevin, I still think he got off lightly.

The really depressing thing? He doesn’t remember saying anything.

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