This Man’s Truck Was Spray Painted With Racial Slurs, And His Repair Shop Didn’t Stand For It

We have come a long way from being racist assholes.

However, that does not mean everyone is a good Samaritan. The Internet has been a great way to let people know about this still standing problem.

Many people now believe that racism is long gone. How I wish that were the case. Whenever you look at a post like this, it forces you to look at a genuine issue in the world. Loads of people face racism every day. That’s not to say that everyone is like that.

The following picture does show, however, that we still have a long way to go.

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This car belongs to a customer who pulled into Collision Masters repair shop. And, when he did the entire crew fell silent at the horrible view in front of them.

The reason behind their silence was the hideous spray-painted racial slurs. The employees were horrified.

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The entire crew and the owner; Frank Todaro immediately stopped what they were doing. And, started working on the customer’s car.

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“You are not leaving until I fix this.!”  That was Frank Todaro response to the client right after he saw the car.

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The employees were quick to start working as they attacked the car like a ‘pit crew’. Because of their combined effort, the whole car was clean in an amazing thirty minutes.

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Todaro called the car ‘disgusting’.

His Facebook post quickly gathered a lot of attention and now has an amazing 50,000 shares, 159,000 reactions, and 8,000 comments.

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Customer pulls into the shop today and literally hear crickets when all the air tools and employees stopped and shook…

Geplaatst door Collision Masters LLC op Dinsdag 13 juni 2017

Customer pulls into the shop today and literally hear crickets when all the air tools and employees stopped and shook their head in disgust on what they saw. This unfortunate customer had racist remarks with spray paint all over the vehicle. I looked at the driver and told him that “you are not leaving until I fix this!” Literally my guys dropped everything and attacked this truck like a Pit Crew and got the job done. I told the owner of the vehicle this ones on me and I wanted him to know that Buffalonians will never stand for this! Great job and many thanks to the team at Collision Masters.

Collin Masters LLC

Consequently, because of this whole incident, a local anti-racism rally was held on June 15.

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