Man Tried To Shame This Mother For Breastfeeding In Public But His Mom Overheard & Set Him Straight

Have people completely lost the sense of minding their own business?

What is to anyone if a mother breastfeeds her baby in public places? I mean, do you want the baby to starve until they get to a private area? A crying, screaming baby. Would you like that? No, no one likes a crying baby.

So maybe people should start being more considerate towards others. Especially when it comes to a mother breastfeeding her baby out in the open. Think about it, your mom fed you when you were in her lap, didn’t she? She did not starve you until she got home or something. And look at how you turned out.

It’s a shame how some people turn out. Just like this man who approached Tanja Krstic Radusinovic, a photographer who was breastfeeding her nine month-old child by a pool. People humiliate moms all the time for this natural act. This wouldn’t be a first.

This was at one of the hotels/resorts in Las Vegas, NV. Too many moms have been shamed for breastfeeding. It’s normal. I can’t believe that grown-up men – and women – would be offended by a baby eating.

But the best part is, while this man was about to question her upon feeding her baby, his mother appeared and let’s just say she wasn’t happy about what her son was doing.

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This is Tanja. This picture was taken when she was breastfeeding her 9-month-old baby boy at the pool.

Via Tanja Krstic Radusinovic

That’s when a man approached her and tried lecturing her about breastfeeding in a public place. She posted all about it online. Read on.

What a beautiful family! It’s true; no matter how old your children are, they are always your little ones, and you always have the right to set them straight.

Via Tanja Krstic Radusinovic

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Valid point, though.

They never retire, do they?

Grandparents are just too sweet; always the ones who take your side no matter what.

As if they would totally bear crying babies.

Uhh, what?

This is hilarious.

Oh man, kick him instead!

I agree.

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