Hilarious Man Has Been Texting His Wife Jaden Smith Tweets For Two Years And She Had No Clue

Jaden Smith lives in his own little world.

And I don’t say that in a mean way at all. But if you have ever been on Jaden Smith’s Twitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about, because it seems that he loves to post random nuggets of ‘wisdom’ on his Twitter.

Well, that is what many people say. If you ask my personal opinion, I am usually just confused by most of his Tweets. If you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, the following are some of his random tweets.

Source: TheDad

Maybe they make sense to him?

Because they are mostly random, at least for me.


I was not aware of that but good to know.

Well, one person decided that it would be hilarious to send his wife random Jaden Smith tweets throughout the day. The man was actually 34-year-old Joel Willis, the executive editor of “The Dad,” an entertainment brand for guys with kids.

And he started this two years ago.

Who else was he going to send this to?

I mean that is pretty true.

Did she just ignore that?

How is it that our eyes aren’t real?

So that is what that means.

How does Jaden Smith have any followers left?

That would be my exact response too.

That proves that apples these days are manufactured!

It could be true.

Too much running can seriously injure you though.

I am guessing she just ignores the stuff that doesn’t make sense to her.

That is surprisingly pretty sweet.

That is probably the sweetest thing she has ever heard.

I wish I were serious too, yet here I am.

Just thinking about maths while doing Laundry.

But Willis finally decided to let the cat out of the bag after two years!

However, she just found it anti-climactic.

People are shocked that in the texts she is totally unbothered by the whole thing.

I told her ‘I dropped the needle on the record industrial complex for the 5th time this month while I bathed in sorbet.’ WHO JUST LETS THAT GO?

But I think it went on for so long because I’ve done similar stuff in the past.

Laura might not have found it hilarious, but Willis did.

There were so many times over the past two years when I’d share what was happening with friends or coworkers and we’d be in tears laughing about it.

This dumb prank has brought me so much joy. Thank you, Laura. And thank you, Jaden Smith.

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