Man Rescued An Angry Rare Breed Injured Bird But Then Regrets His Decision

If you’re anything close to human, you’ll be compelled into rescuing an injured animal no matter how unprepared you are.

Matt Gravelling, a reporter for BBC, imagined his day to be nothing more than regular when he was driving to cover a story. However, there came a plot twist when he encountered an unconscious bird that seemed to be injured. And as a responsible citizen, Matt took responsibility and laid the bird on the seat of his car and took off. Unfortunately, Matt’s passenger regained consciousness, caught the driver completely off guard and what happened after is a story you must continue reading this article for.

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It was just another regular day for Matt.

He didn’t think the unconscious bird would wake up.

And then he couldn’t get back into his car. Obviously.


RSPCA turned up to take away the angry, injured bird.

RSPCA to the rescue!



Astonished by the incident!



People on Twitter couldn’t stop praising Matt for his act of kindness.

Some shared their similar encounters with rescuing birds that just needed to chill!



Apparently, a lot of people had gone through a similar situation.



Moral of the story:

Let us know what you think of this whole ordeal!

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