This Man Is Professional Mourner And Posted His Rates On Facebook And Internet Is In Tears

The Funeral Where Nobody Cries Is The Saddest Funeral Of All.

I know what your thinking. Somebody died, who cares if people are crying or not. However, apparently many people seem to care about this. It can be quite an existential crisis when the funeral has everyone dry-eyed.


So that is the very reason, the following post is going viral. Sylvester Ricardo Moss, from Nassau, in the Bahamas calls himself a ‘professional mourner’. He also laid out his services for very reasonable rates.

Ever Thought Of Hiring A ‘Professional Mourner’?

Do you want to boost your funeral?Hire me….the professional mourner to come and cry at the funeral. Below are the …

Geplaatst door Sylvester Ricardo Moss op Woensdag 13 september 2017

His post reads as following.

Do you want to boost your funeral? Hire me….the professional mourner to come and cry at the funeral. Below are the “Summer Special” prices:

1. Normal crying $50

2. Bahamian hollering $100

3. Crying and rolling on the ground $150

4. Crying and threatening to jump into the grave $200

5. Crying and actually jumping in the grave $1000

Message me for any bookings.

-Sylvester Ricardo Moss

I can see that $1000 dollars may seem quite steep for many people. But come one! crying and Actually jumping into a grave? Now that is commitment to your art. His post has been shared over 100,000 times since he posted it on Wednesday.

Twitter Is Going Crazy Over The Post.

They Were Also Ironically Left In Tears.



Who Wouldn’t Want To See That?

Not Surprisingly People Want To See ‘Crying And Actually Jumping In The Grave Option’.


Threatening Is All Fine And Dandy But Actually Jumping Is The Best.

Some People However Really Wanted To See The Bahamian Hollering.

Well, at least his work will be getting a pretty big boost because of this. What do you think of his rates? Do you think they are justified or should it have been cheaper? And who really wants to see the option #5? Because I really do. Maybe he will give us a demonstration seeing his post is going viral and people are clamoring for it.

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