Man’s Praising The Delivery Boy For Heroic Customer Service But Then It Took A Hilarious Twist

What does a dedicated worker look like?

Someone who does what’s required of them in a timely and fashionable manner, or goes above and beyond every single day? Think back to your own experiences, and maybe the stories other people have told you and really decide what a stellar employee looks like.

Because we have one for you right here.

Source: Twitter  I CatsAndCumberbatches

It started with a Kroger employee.

Jeremy wouldn’t stop at anything.

Even forces of nature didn’t phase him.

Spenser adored him for his dedication.

Look at what he went through!

Actually, nevermind.

People had a lot of opinions about the situation!

Dammit, Jeremy, you had one fucking job! – sbeeht

This was a wild ride and I’m sad Kroger didn’t respond – ford53

They’re executing Jeremy for forgetting the pineapple. Give them some time. – MoooCow 

Plot twist: Jeremy gets fired for increasing the store’s liability. – iforgotwhatiwasdoinghere

Publicly praise someone for going above and beyond, then watch in horror as they get fired for breaking company policy. – tirpider

Plot twist. Jeremy saved you all. The pineapple was poisoned. When the store manager saw that you sent a click list in during a tornado he poisoned the pineapple. Jeremy knew this but couldn’t say anything for fear of losing his job. He loves you too. – spickate

So, I work for Krogwer and the people who drive the groceries over are 3rd party. A Kroger employee forgot the Pineapple, Jeremy just drove. –GeneralTrius

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