Man Late For His Interview After Fixing An Old Man’s Car, Gets Unexpected Surprise

Who doesn’t love a good, heartwarming story? Something that makes your insides feel like warm goo, revives your faith in humanity, and brings you close to tears of joy?

I know I do. And with all the intensity in worldly affairs, it’s refreshing to get something so incredibly wholesome. This story in particular is about a certain man named Jimmy.

See, Jimmy was a mechanic, but was out of work. The man had a great heart, but the anxiety that comes with applying for a job often got the best of him. It took a lot of courage and emotional preparation for him to finally arrange a job interview.

On that fine morning when Jimmy left his home, dressed in a pair of slacks and a crisp white shirt, he had no idea of the adventure that he would have. With the interview at 10AM, Jimmy wanted to make sure he wasn’t late, so was gone by 8:30

Unfortunately, on his way there, he noticed an elderly man kicking the tire of his car.

Jimmy was waiting at the bus stop, but it was impossible for him to try and ignore the old man’s plight. So, being the good Samaritan than he was, he offered to help him.

The old man was very grateful, but Jimmy realised that the work he needed to put into the car would mean that he would be late for the interview. The elderly man asked him why Jimmy was all dressed up, and he responded with a “I’m going for a job interview!”

When Jimmy was done, he knew he’d be late. The old man said he’d pay for the service Jimmy provided, but Jimmy said that he didn’t do it with the intention of getting paid, he did it because the old man needed it.

The elderly man was adamant, however, that he pay back Jimmy’s efforts one way or another. He ended up offering to drive Jimmy to his job interview, so that he could at least make up for a bit of lost time. Jimmy simply couldn’t convince the man otherwise.

When he got to the waiting room, he looked at all the other people waiting to be interviewed, with their neat and clean clothes, finely groomed hair and even a fresh-out-of-the-shower smell.

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