Man Films A Mountain Rescue Dog Rescuing Him As He Was Buried In Snow And It’s Amazing

Man’s Best Friend!

A dog is the only thing that actually loves you more than itself. Dogs are known for their selflessness and that they are noble creatures, leaving everything behind in kind acts. From being there for you when you’re lonely, to protecting you in danger. Dogs are always there for you!

”Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England”, is a charity based organisation aiming to train to rescue those in need. The organisation uploaded a video recently, in which the statement “man’s best friend” is proved yet again to be true! The video shows a mountain rescue dog rescuing a man equipped with a camera, who got buried in the snow voluntarily.

Scroll down, watch the video, and I bet you’ll definitely second my statement that dogs really are heart-throbs!

Here’s the organisation itself, Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England.

credits: SARDAEngland

Here’s a trainee in a training session of one of his numerous skills, rescuing the buried.

A dog was tested here when a volunteer took his camera and got buried.

Before he knew it, the life-saving muzzle broke through.

Just look at the dog’s dedication! The wall is almost into pieces.

Life-saving greetings by the rescue dog.

The dog successfully rescued the volunteer. Hence, passed the test and won our hearts as a bonus! “When I needed a hand, I found your paw”.

The name of the 4-year-old heart-throb is Flo. He’s Angelic!

credit: SARDAEngland

Watch the video yourself and let him dig into your heart!

Just like you, other people watched the video as well. This is what they had to say about it.

credits: K9Falo

He genuinely loves you more…

credit: Antwonton


credit: itzukaaa

It’s only happy when it sees you happy.

credit: TheLadyEmley

Truly, we don’t.

credit: theonerandi

I second you.

credit: meadow_rains

The absolute best!

credit: MargaretKane07

While everyone thinks they have the best dog, none of them is actually wrong. Dogs are amazing. This was one of a dog’s act to be there for you in need. The more we praise these beautiful beings, the less!

What do you think? Did this rescue dog dig into your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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