Guy Tells Story Of How A Man Did Nothing For Years And Got Paid For It

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to do absolutely nothing and get paid for it?

I mean, I would love to get paid for just breathing, but I’d suck at that too since I have asthma. However, imagine just walking around a massive company with a clipboard and pen, just roaming around doing absolutely nothing and actually getting paid for it! That too for 15 years!

Do you think that isn’t possible? Well, guess what? You’re wrong. A man named Shayne Wyatt shared this story of an employee named Bob who did nothing in a company for 15 years and got paid for it weekly. I guess a clipboard and pen can really bring you a long way.

Scroll down below to read the hilarious story:

Bob worked in a huge steel mill.

And after 15 years, the management finally realised he doesn’t even work.

Sadly, Bob was let go of after that.

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