Man Buys VHS Tape From Junk Store Labeled ‘A Surprise’ & He Surely Gets A Surprise

 Does anybody from the 90s remember watching movies on VHS tapes and the struggle of fixing and cleaning the head of the VCR to make it work properly?

Well, for the people who don’t know what its like to watch a video on VHS, you won’t know how fun it used to be. Back then, we didn’t have any CDs or DVDs. You guys wouldn’t know what it felt like when you would go to a video store to get a movie, and it turned out to be something else.

Oh, the disappointment we had to face after we came home, grabbed the snacks and got all comfy only to find out that this isn’t the movie we wanted to see.

Anyway, a Twitter user who goes by the name of Foone went to buy a VHS from a junk store. At the store, he found a VHS labeled “A Surprise!” and that surely caught his attention. It even had a smiley on it. However, he purchased the VHS and came home. He put the tape into his VHS player and oh boy, it was definitely a surprise for him!

Let’s see what he had to say about it.

Okay, so Mr. Foone here, paid for the VHS just to get rick-rolled in the end by somebody. For most of you who don’t know what getting rick rolled means, let me tell you what it is. Basically, it’s a prank and an internet meme. The internet meme was based on a video that appeared unexpectedly in 1987. It was a video song performed by Rick Astley and the song was “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The meme was a click-bait.


Anyway, the people on Twitter reminded Mr. Foone of the lessons that The Ring movie taught.

I’d say this guy’s gut feeling was right.

So this showed how rick-rolling was taken to a whole new level. I mean, come on! Somebody actually took out the time to copy the video into a VHS and put it at the local junk store, so that someone curious will purchase it. Although it’s incredibly hilarious, he has taken it too far.

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