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This Man Just Burned A Turkey To Beyond Recognition And We Can't Even Look At It

This Man Just Burned A Turkey To Beyond Recognition And We Can’t Even Look At It

A good Thanksgiving dinner is impossible without a turkey.

Even if the side dishes are flabbergasting with the pastries you love and your grandmother’s famous mac and cheese but still it cannot beat the taste of a turkey, and you’ll feel something is missing.

The turkey is always the most beloved guest at the dinner and never underestimate that!

And therefore, it is such an unpleasant experience at the Thanksgiving dinner when you cut into the bundle of meat amidst the table and understand that it’s dry. You do your best to make it tasty. You drench it into sauce, put some pureed potatoes on different pieces and spread some cranberry sauce on it with sips of water for the sake of protein.

But imagine a turkey that is so overcooked that nothing can save it. Even with the yummiest sauce and gravy, it is still inedible. A similar thing was done by this Twitter user who ruined the Thanksgiving bird.

Have a look at this disaster!



They got called out by a colleague for their not-as-much stellar culinary abilities.




People were so curious to know exactly how such a big offence could even happen.



And of course, the memes:


Or wait, was it Targaryen Thanksgiving dinner?


More Questions.


I’d prefer that.


After this, you do have an option of that one Chinese food spot that remains open on Thanksgiving. However, I’m not certain about General Tso’s stuffing and sweet potatoes.

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