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Mama June Shocked Everyone With Her Weight Loss In This New Photo In Mrs. Claus Lingerie

Mama June Shocked Everyone With Her Weight Loss In This New Photo In Mrs. Claus Lingerie

What a transformation!

Weight loss is one of the significant issues in women nowadays. We try almost everything just to get into shape and look good; be it for ourselves or someone else. It’s not just about dropping weight, but also about maintaining it to a perfect level.

Mama June Shannon, a 38 years-old famous TV personality has stunned us all with her amazing transformation. Tipping the scales at 460 pounds, Mama June went through a gastric sleeve, exercise routines, diet plans and a skin removal surgery. Now weighing 137 pounds, she is showing off her new size four figure in her Mrs. Claus Lingerie.

It’s not just the face though. Check this out.

Life and style

She went through numerous surgeries to achieve her weight loss goal after burning all her old clothes and saying goodbye to her former self.

Star magazine

We all have times like these.


This is a major milestone

Mama June Shannon, after raising her daughter Alana for pageant princess, put her foot down and decided to start the weight loss scheme with her cheating ex Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s wedding coming up.


Her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” says her mom looks like Marilyn Monroe.


Alana, who has previously competed in beauty pageants is encouraging her mother to do so as well.

Honey Boo Boo, 12, tells Mama June:

If you love me, you’ll do this pageant.

You thought coach Mama June was rough? Wait until you meet coach Alana!

But apparently, June is not confident about her participation in the pageants.

I’ve been always on the other side of the pageant world, I don’t have any talent.

While boosting her mother’s confidence, Alana snapped at her

You would never win Miss America with that!

Imagine her face at that moment.


And now Mama June is on her way to reach more heights as she shows off her “revenge body” in her sexy Mrs. Clause lingerie and appearing for beauty pageants with the help of her little honey boo boo.




Cafe Mom

Most of the people’s faces out there upon seeing her transformation.


Watch how she opens up about her successful weight loss mission. This is goals!

Source: YouTube

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