Woman’s Male Friend Is Winning The Internet With The Perfect Response He Had For Her Period Emergency

Have you ever heard of a “period fairy”?

Reddit user I_Removed_Something explained it very well. A period fairy is a person who unexpectedly and tactfully helps you through a period emergency.

Have you ever encountered one? Or have you ever been one? Because finding one can be a miracle.

The Reddit user shared her story of when she went on a hike with her male friends and hit her period.

She told everyone about how she goes on hikes with three of her male friends and some females. However, on this particular day, she was only with her male friends Dave, John and Teddy.
The hike was 3-5 hours long, and at the end of it, the friends usually had lunch and took an Uber ride home.

But unfortunately, Jane, the Reddit user, hit her period during the hike.

And it was completely unexpected, so she wasn’t prepared at all. She was wearing shorts with zero supplies. It got worse, and she tried to cover it up by stuffing her bra in her shorts.


That’s when Dave noticed what was wrong.

She wrote:

“Like five minutes later, after I’d decided on stuffing my bra down my shorts, Dave looks back and notices me walking like a goblin. To my horror, he falls back and starts walking next to me. He leans in and whispers, ‘do you need to pee?’ I’m like, huh? Then I realized I’m doubled over with my hands on my crotch. Seemed obvious. ‘No, I, that’s not,’ I’m stammering. ‘Period issue?!’ he says next. At that point I just mumble ‘yeah.”

However, Dave was completely prepared.

“He calls out to John and Teddy: ‘Hey, Jane’s scraped her arm on a tree or some shit, I’m gonna tend to it but it’s gonna be like five minutes. Just get to the road and set up lunch and call the car.'”

As soon as the other guys left, Dave reached for his backpack and asked Jane if she wanted pads or tampons.

“I mutter ‘tampons,’ completely stunned at all this. He pulls out three tampons, the good kind, and a handful of wet-naps. Hands them to me and then he opens the main compartment and pulls out a long sleeve black t-shirt. ‘Go in the trees and take care of it, then tie the shirt around your waist.’ He then pulls out a big band-aid and slaps it on my arm to keep up his cover story.”

Why was Dave prepared?

Jane asked him that. And what did he reply? “I’ve been hiking with women for years, you think I’m stupid?!”

We need more Daves in this world.


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