Deputy Manager Almost Gets Fired After Forcefully Making A Sick Employee Come To Work

Working for a strict manager can sometimes be very annoying!

But, we can’t always blame them. They’re just doing their jobs. After all, managers are supposed to keep a check on every employee and make sure everything is following the company’s policy.

However, just as much a manager’s job makes sense, there is also no denying that managers can sometimes be a real pain in the a**. Take the story of an employee named Sarah for example. Sarah worked for a DIY company in the UK, and one day she called in sick after suspecting possible food poisoning. However, her deputy manager made her come to work and what happened next is just legendary.

Scroll down and read the entire detailed account in her own words!

Why do managers always show reluctance in response when you tell them you’re not well? Don’t they ever get sick?!

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Here’s what happened with Sarah.

Everything seemed okay at first.

But, it was all far from over.

She needed the job, so she no choice but to show up.

Fortunately, some people weren’t heartless.

And here’s the part which settled everything once and for all.

Oops, it looks like someone is in trouble.

That’s what you get for being inconsiderate.

Now, that’s more like it!

And as you can expect, after reading about Sarah people started sharing their own work experiences.

This strictness needs to stop, though. People are putting their life and health at risk so that they can keep their jobs.

Jobs that have a caring and friendly environment are a blessing!

Do you have any such experiences that you would like to share? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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