11 Pictures That Are Going To Make You Look Twice And Totally Screw Your Brain Up

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 8, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Ever come across something on the internet that was just too strange to be real?

I don’t mean stories. People can make that up, and they don’t really stick. We just shrug them off with a “Pfft. As if.” and move on to the next meme. What really messes with your mind isn’t the text, it’s the images. Worse, the videos and gifs, that just have to be doctored yet aren’t.

We’ve got quite a few of these here. My personal favourite is the very last one, and trust me, it’s worth the journey to get there.

#1 They stare.


#2 This is not an actual sphere.


#3 Perfect painting.


#4 That is not a hole, that’s a rug.


#5 This X-Ray makeup.


#6 Trippiest tattoo.


#7 This isn’t a rave or a concert. It’s cotton being picked at night.


#8 You’re not looking at rectangles, you’re looking at sixteen circles.


#9 These aren’t four different images, this is one image taken from one camera at one time.


#10 The floater.


#11 Don’t blink near the end.

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