10+ Tweets That Hilariously Show What It’s Like To Make Friends And Cut Them Off

Need some new pointers on how to make friends and cut them off instantly? It’s quite hilarious.

This is pretty real. Our instincts tell us to befriend someone we like in one meet up or leave one of those annoying friends in our circle who won’t stop their weird habits. But obviously, you can’t just leave a friend because of the stupid little mistakes they make. I mean, that’s the real essence of friendship, right?

These people are sharing how to make and lose friends on Twitter and it is one of the best things you will see today on the internet.

1. All the girls need a friend in this business.


Via Twitter: @the_NA_way

2. Everybody needs a friend with an aux cord.


Via Twitter: @GundyChild

3. We all need a compliment every now and then.


Via Twitter: @chrismelberger

4. New BEST friend.

Via Twitter: @ginapple_

5. Food? The pleasure is all mine.

Via Twitter: @rudy_mustang

6. Little acts of happiness.

Via Twitter: @kenna_taylorr

7. Cliques and circles with common interests are rare to find.

Via Twitter: @the_gabstar

8. Need more people like this in my life.

Via Twitter: @currrrran

9. A cat is a man’s best friends.

Via Twitter: @spencermcnolton

10. It’s that easy to lose them!

Via Twitter: @kcroker7

11. “I’m sorry, but this is not going to work out for us.”

Via Twitter: @Brian_Gibby

12. Not entirely true.

Via Twitter: @vogliodelcibo

13. Disowned.

Via Twitter: @Josephmorgan96

14. Nobody should be allowed to keep friends like that.

Via Twitter: @zane_webster

15. Choose your friends wisely.

Via Twitter: @radicalhearts

16. Our friendship is toxic; I have to let you go.

Via Twitter: @brokeangel

17. Less is always more.

Via Twitter: @1_In_A_Jillian


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