7 Reasons Why You Definitely Need A Magic Band In Walt Disney World Resort

Disney world is full of magic

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to Disney world, then you’re in for quite the experience. If you’re staying on-site, then you’ll be given the Disney Magic Band. However, if you’re staying offsite, then you’ll be asked if you want to invest in it.

I’m here to tell you that you totally should. In fact, I can give you seven reasons why the Magic Band is a fantastic investment.

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#1 They substitute as parking tickets

Via Disney

The moment you get out of the car park, you can slide right into the resort without having to worry about getting your ticket. A machine will scan your Magic Band and your fingertip and you’ll be ushered in without a problem

#2 You can’t really lose them

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Losing a piece of paper is easy. Losing a wristband? Far more difficult if there’s something strapped to your wrist to remind you to have fun.

#3 Memory Maker Plus

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If you make the investment in the Memory Maker, you and your family will be lead to different spots around Disneyland to get your picture taken. With the Magic Wand, it’s all the more convenient. Before, you’d have to carry a PhotoPass. Again, remember what I said about losing pieces of paper? This time, all you need to do to make amazing memories is to wave your wrist over the scanner

#4 It’s safety insurance

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Your magic wand carries with it information about you, and who you’re visiting with. Suppose you’re with a small child and they wander off. With this gadget, they’ll come back to you safe and sound

#5 Easy Fastpass

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If you have a Fastpass, you can schedule when you want to ride a certain ride. But guess what? You need a card for that, and fumbling with that when you’re just about to get on an amazing ride would be tedious. There’s nothing but convenience with the wand.

#6 They’re fashionable

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I mean, while it’s not the most important reason, it’s still a reason. They come in different colours, and they actually look good with your outfit. They can add a splash of dazzle on your wrist and accessorising is always a yes.

#7 They’re reusable

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If you’re still not sold on the Magic Wand, consider the fact that you can always reuse them. If you bought it once, you can use it forever. They exist to make your life easier, so why not take advantage?

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