Lyft Driver Goes Viral Explaining The Powerful Reason He Won’t Drive Drunk Women Home

Meet Tro’juan Henderson

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Henderson is a 29-year old Lyft driver from Dallas, Texas. Being a Lyft driver means that he comes across a bunch of different kind of people. And not all of them are good. However, this isn’t an ugly story about people that harassed him; it’s something better. One day, a couple of girls called for a Lyft and Henderson arrived. It was for one of their friends, someone who was incredibly, incredibly drunk. So much so, that she couldn’t even walk straight. They offered Henderson her apartment keys, told her the apartment number, and asked him to make sure she got home. And now, while Henderson is a good man, and knew that he wouldn’t take advantage of her, there would be people that would. So he asked them to accompany the girl to her apartment and back, offering to cut the prices even. They declined, and he recounted these events in a Twitter video that went viral.

Thousands are on his side.


In the video, he says that he doesn’t mean to sound like a “Victim blamer,” but rather that sexual assault and rape is a thing, and people need to be aware of the dangers. Not just for the girl, but for himself too. Suppose the girl wakes up and feels like she was taken advantage of, the blame would fall on him. He preached to the people that went out drinking at night to make sure that your friend is safe when you’re dropping them off at home. I mean, it’s just common sense, after all. Bad things happen, and it’s not wrong of him to tell people to be aware and be safe.

The Twitterverse loves him

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This guy deserves applause

Facebook | Tro’juan Henderson

Hopefully, people will take his message to heart and be careful out there. The world is a difficult place, but guys like Henderson make it brighter.

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