Tumblr Shares How She Learned That ‘Loving Someone Is A Choice & It’ll Change They Way You Look At Relationships

What is love?

All of you might think you already know what love means. After all isn’t it just a feeling of unbearable emotion? It turns out, that might not be it. After all, don’t many people break up or divorce each other?

Does that mean that love fades away? If so that is quite a scary thought. However, this one thought was explained by one Tumblr user in her own words. You see we all fear and her fear is quite different than most of us.

So scroll on below and take a look. This post just might change how you look at relationships.

Source: Imgur

The post starts out simple enough as she talks about how people ask her what her biggest fear is.

However, the biggest fear is quite different than height or enclosed spaces.

She fears that she might fall out of love with her significant other in the future.

The one person who she thought, she would love for eternity.

And this truly did change my perception if I am honest.

She was quite surprised that many people loved her ‘poem.’

But the all-important question is below.

Is love a feeling or is it a choice?

Most people agreed that it was, in fact, a choice.

Because at one time the love fades away, and you have to choose to stay.

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