Have you looked at the true depiction of your favorite fairy tales? Look closely!

True depiction of disney fairy tales
True depiction of disney fairy tales
True depiction of fairy tales

We have been in love with our favorite fairy tales and Disney has done a spectacular job to help us visualize the beautiful details. However when we look at the details quite so literally some of the scenes could not be much more of a pleasant sight.

Let’s look at some of the literal impressions from the selected paragraphs of our favorite fairy tales!

Ariel Disney

In the original story Ariel is prepared by her mother, the Queen, for her first visit to the surface in a unique fashion. But put it into some visuals and you would thought that how is the Prince going to be impressed with that attire?

Ariel's first visit to surface

Ariel fashion
Unique but not so appealing

And in the end of the book, sadly enough the Prince marries someone else and our poor Ariel turns into foam and some kind of “Airy” stuff which is not so much of a consolation prize.

Ariel turns into foam
Not so much of a consolation

Ariel turns into foam
Our poor Ariel turns into foam

Disney snow white

In the original story Snow White is refereed to as a kid, not even a teenager when the Queen used to ask her iconic question to her “Vanity” mirror.

Mirror O Mirror!
Mirror O Mirror!


The question is does she really look like a kid of seven?

The real age of Snow white
Snow white a kid of seven?

Snow white The evil Queen

In the Disney movie the “Evil” Queen meets her fate by a not so painless death, falling off a cliff. However in the original text she gets a chance to attend the wedding of Snow White before really enjoying the “ride” off the cliff.

The Hot Queen
Evil yet literally hot Queen


Well we enjoyed the Disney movie with the fairy godmother, the iconic glass shoes and that our poor dear Cinderella had only one dress, it turns out however in the original text that our Cinderella met the birds not the fairy god mother,  had three dresses not one (given to her by a tree) and even the shoes were not of real glass, guess what they were of Gold..

Cinderella fairy godmother shoes

The true Cinderella
Cinderella loves Gold

Cinderella wicked step sisters

In the original tale that famous wicked sisters of Cinderella actually cut their toes and heel off just to fit in those shoes, well that’s more rough than wicked. And on top of that they actually decided to attend Cinderella’s wedding , and that wasn’t a good idea either.

Cinderella Step sistors

Cinderella wicked step sisters
Toe Heel and then the Eyes, a bit of too much!

Disney Maleficent

In the actual story Maleficent was among the thirteen wise women, yup that’s right she was not a fairy but a wise woman, still a great complement. And it was of the King’s weird tricks that hung her in a weirder situation.

Maleficent king women

Maleficent Wisdom
Maleficent’s Wisdom

Elsa Disney Frozen

Now here is a bummer, but in the actual fairy tale there is no such character as Elsa, rather than there is a kid named Kay who embarks on a journey to find his sister cum friend Anna.

Elsa real Disney

Elsa real disney
O we so miss you Elsa!

Truth revealed!

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