Logan Paul Gets Crucified On Twitter After Getting Into A Tweet War With Comedian Chris D’Elia

When will he stop?

I mean, his career should have halted entirely when he made a video of a suicide victim in Japan. However, people got over it, and he said that he learned a valuable lesson never to video a suicide victim.

It’s not like everybody has common sense and already knows that. This special little snowflake makes so many mistakes and yet his impressionable tween fans forgive him. It’s not like he is even funny.

On the contrary, his humor is non-existent.

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So when he posted on Twitter that he was quitting vlogging…

The comedian Chris was quick to speak his mind.

Not being able to come up with something witty, he resorted to emojis, because why not?

However, that is when Chris let loose, and shots were fired.

I honestly thought not filming a suicide victim was common decency but guess not everybody knows that.

But Logan Paul couldn’t resist complimenting him either. To be honest, Chris was quite witty.

Chris didn’t stop there though and continued to roast Logan Paul.

Logan kind of roasted himself trying to roast Chris.

Maybe Logan Paul should really stop with the vlogging, comedy, and anything else because he always makes it worse. Comment on below and let us know what you think about Logan Paul.

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