20+ Things You Will Know If You’ve Lived With Your S.O. For More Than One Year

Relationships are not always candle light dinners and hot romance; the journey has to offer a lot more. As much as you tread carefully in this path you have to move on to further steps ahead filled with responsibility and awkwardness.

No doubt one big step is to move in with your significant other, or more precisely the S.O. That’s the phase when you really get to know each other and realize that just like you, nothing is perfect in this world.

The moments can be filled with awkward positions you sleep in, the irritating habits and the disgusting farts, but believe it or not this is when you get real close, loving the imperfections as well as the perfect person you have dreamed of. That’s true love.

Let’s explore the possible life you’ll have when you move in with your significant other. You can either relate to some of the situations or if you are in a planning phase to move in, just a heads up!

#1 Finally, you no longer have to carry your weight around changing houses, time to settle in.

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#2 Even though this was a tiresome experience of moving in, but that’s it, time to take a nap.


#3 Now you will have all the time with your lovey dovey.


#4 You two do spend more time together but not in the way that you hoped for.

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You no longer eat your breakfast alone, and you enjoy brushing teeth together. But was that worth it?

#5 You might have that impression that you knew your S.O entirely. However, you still discover something new every single day.


#6 Sharing the simplest pleasures of your life.

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#7 At first, you would argue about things you thought that only other couples used to, that you people won’t.


#8 But in a while you will become a well-oiled housekeeping machine.


#9 The indecisive Netflix Dilemma.

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#10 And watching an episode without your S.O is simply just cheating.


#11 You were really concerned about some things before you can decide whether to move in, like sharing your bed space.


#12 But once you moved in, sharing seems the best thing ever.


Sleeping alone now feels weird, and the spare bed space haunts you.

#13 You never imagined the distressing amount of laundry work.

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It’s like a vicious circle. Every time you finish washing the last one, the basket is full with dirty clothes, again.

#14 Like I said earlier, it’s not always candle lit dinners, romance will have a new way.

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Taking out the trash will be the new gesture of love.

#15 You will mimic the mood of each other. Your mood will no longer be the question of how the day went for you. If your S.O is having a bad day, you will be sad too.


#16 You will know every minute details of your S.O. Everything will be poured in because your S.O is also your best friend.

#17 Your wardrobe will be robbed off all the comfy ones.

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#18 Spending nights in together will become your absolute favorite thing.


#19 Your inbox will be filled with “running out of grocery” and “the incredible uses of potatoes” kind of stuff.

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#20 You’ll have to plan how to grow old together.



#21 And you would have that stock of in-house jokes you never had when you lived alone.


#22 And both of you will truly become best friends!

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So, in your opinion, how would living together shape your relationship, any thoughts?

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