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This Man Posted Live Updates Of His Wife Giving Birth And It's Ridiculously Hilarious

This Man Posted Live Updates Of His Wife Giving Birth And It’s Ridiculously Hilarious

Childbirth can be a beautiful experience.

Sure, there can be a lot of screaming and tears involved, and some even die while giving birth, but it is still an amazing experience. Delivering a new life, carrying and holding it for the first time is an unmatchable feeling.

That’s why most parents decide to document the birth of their children, which is usually through photography. However, one dad decided that live updates on social media would be more fun. His Facebook updates were hilariously accurate. Have a look at them down below:

More info: Facebook

Meet Cody Lake from Houston, Texas.

Image credits: the_lake_monster_

He started posting when his wife’s water broke.

He forgot the baby rules.

The old techniques were simpler.

You know it’s serious when she says the F word.

He deserves appreciation too.

It’s her fault.

That baby better watch his back.

She lies.

He might be good at it.

How inconsiderate of her.

The baby is here!

Well deserved Whataburger.

No. Just no.

Don’t ruin his shirt!

This is Cody and his wife, Becky.

Image credits: Becky Lake

And this is their family!

Image credits: Becky Lake

People thought his posts were very accurate.

Some shared their own experience.

What do you think of his posts? Do you have any birth-related experiences to share? Comment them below!

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